When you put your products in the hands of Edible Solutions, you gain access to an unsurpassed number of options for your products. Not only do you have several options to choose from, but our one-stop operation also allows you to stay with one manufacturer throughout the entire production, packaging, and design process. Whether you are creating a new formula, or re-working an existing formula, ES will deliver a remarkable experience and product for your brand from beginning to end.



Edible Solutions offers a wide range of packaging capabilities. You want your next product to be exceptional and it all starts with your packaging. We have several popular options to choose from including Stick Packs, Single Serve Pouches, Blister Packs, Glass Bottles, PET Bottles, and more. Great packaging builds trust with your customer and reinforces your brands promise to deliver an exceptional product. ES allows your brand to consistently deliver against that promise, with end to end solutions all under one roof.



When deciding on a packaging option you want to make sure that your manufacturer meets the key functions of successful product packaging. At Edible Solutions, the products that we manufacture for you will come with functional packaging that is focused on design, containment and protection. ES understands that maintaining the freshness of your product and proper labeling is as important as ensuring your products utilize environmentally safe and compliant materials. Regardless of the complexity of your brands needs, we will provide solutions every step of the way.



Our in-house design team works hand in hand with our clients to provide them with full corporate branding, including: Product 3D rendering, logo design, custom-designed labels, websites, sell sheets, and point of purchase displays and packaging options, just to name a few. Your product is as unique as your brand, and Edible Solutions understands that.

We simplify the entire process from end to end and ensure you can design, develop, and package your CBD and Hemp products all in one facility. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how our team can help you bring your next product to life.