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What services does Edible Solutions offer?

We are a complete CBD and Hemp contract manufacturing company. We offer the widest type of dose forms in the industry. Our operation is built as a one-stop system and is designed to make your product production as easy as possible for you.

Do you do your own manufacturing?

Yes, all the products we make are manufactured in one of our facilities. By doing our own manufacturing, we control the quality and manufacturing process completely.

What are your MOQs?

Depending on your formulation, our MOQ (minimum order quantity) varies. For more information about MOQs, please contact us to speak to one of our Sales Representatives or send us your request to receive a manufacturing price quote.

Does Edible Solutions help with formulation?

Yes. We can use your existing formula or help you create the perfect new formulation. Edible Solutions global R&D team current on the latest trends.

Can I have a sample of my product before I order?

Yes, this is part of our standard procedures. We want to make sure you are completely satisfied with the products before we manufacture them.

Do you have a list of stock formulas?

We have a line of supplements and protein powders available as private label items. The assortment is growing all the time. Please call us at 855.900.4242 and speak with one of our sales representatives.

How quickly can you manufacture my products?

Depending on the complexity of the formulation and flavoring, our standard production times vary. Common factors that can influence production times include flavoring, ingredient sourcing, labeling and packaging requirements.

What dose forms does Edible Solutions specialize in?

Some of our specialties include CBD liquids, vape, capsules, topicals, lotions, cosmetics and softgels.

Do you only source raw materials from the United States?

We work with Organic Hemp Farmers from across the United States to ensure you get the best product. Our vendors are reviewed, and all materials being used are thoroughly tested for quality, purity, and potency.

What type of product testing do you offer?

All raw materials are thoroughly tested in a third-party laboratory upon arrival and all finished goods are tested upon completion. We also do in-process testing. We can meet any testing requirements you have for your products.